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Below are some of Faith's past past fundraising efforts.

Helping the local Family Shelter
In 2009, Faith worked outside the "Allergy Box". After her Grandmother told her about some local kids in need, Faith found her local cause. Her Grandmother was purchasing crayons, and supplies, but couldn't do it all, so Faithy said, "I will raise the money to do the rest Grandma." That is exactly what she did. Faith Friendly World would like to thank Walmart, Nike, and all our private sponsors, who helped in our cause. We raised enough supplies for 15+ kids. Lunchboxes and backpacks filled with supplies. Thank you to all our supporters!

Food Allergy Research Fundraiser
In 2008 Faith raised $675.00 for Food Allergy Awareness (FAAN) by cutting and donating her ponytail (10 inches)!!!!! Congratulations Faithy!!!

Keep your eyes out as our chefs are currently working in the kitchen to bring you WONDERFUL recipes that are milk, egg & peanut free!

If you know anyone who has food or skin allergies, tell them to check us out. We also welcome any companies that may provide milk, egg, or peanut free products to send us information so we can get them involved as well. Thank you for your patience, and feel free to upload all our links and services. As always, please help spread the word about Food & skin allergies, and let's all make it a little safer for everyone!

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