My daughter Faith seemed pretty normal her entire infant life. Then, at 8 months of age, we almost lost her. My husband and I gave her 1 ounce of cows milk, just to see if she liked it. Within seconds of sucking the little bottle down, she was covered with hives, and struggling to breathe; next she began to turn blue. THIS WAS THE LONGEST 6 MINUTES OF OUR LIVES. This was our introduction to food allergies

As Faith grew older, we discovered and additional egg allergy and asthma. Faith is a SEVERE anaphylactic. Faith is now in her teens and has suffered 40+ epinephrine injections for anaphylactic attacks. The majority of Faiths reactions occurred before food labeling laws went into affect. Her most recent reactions were due to improperly labeled foods and cross-contamination. Initially, we were not given much direction besides avoid milk and eggs.......OKKKKKKKK, we needed a bit more help than that. Don't get me wrong, Faith's Doctor was amazing and gave us a lot of information, but we couldn't take him home with us, and daily tips on living we had to learn from experience. After years of learning the hard way we decided it was time for us to try and bring our world to yours. Educating and helping people learn tricks of the trade, so to speak. This is how was born years ago.


FaithFaith Lynn (SPOKESPERSON) is is everything we could have ever hoped for. She lights up the world with her spirit and loves to keep us on our toes. She teaches us about the little things breathing. From the moment you meet Faith and hear, "I'm Faith Lynn and I'm allergic to stuff", you know she is special and although breathing is a simple act in most people's world, it is a coordinated event in Faith's World. Nothing in her life is unorganized. From the time she gets up until the time she falls asleep, her basic existance is managed. What she touches, what she eats, what environment she is in, are all potential hazards in her life. We try to focus on all the things she CAN do.....not what she CAN"T. Welcome to her "Faith Friendly World"

Harley (Therapy Dog..aka....SUPER PUPPY) is a miniature long haired dachshund, and Faith's Service Dog. Harley has been with Faith through most of her anaphylactic shock episodes and has been a hero every time. He lays in her lap to calm her down so we could get the shot in and three times he has single-handedly saved her life by alerting us (running around in circles barking) so we would know something was wrong! Those three times, when we had no clue as Faith was in another part of the house; once playing, twice sleeping. He is a hero to us and we will forever adore him for his behavior. He is Faith's shadow and confidant! He is our 24 hour eyeballs!

Linda (MANAGER) is a Faith's MOM. Working in the Stunt business for
several years I learned a lot about controlling a natural reaction - taking
a stressful situation in stride. The difference now, is I get paid with hugs!
I coordinate my child's life the best I can, with ALL I have. I try and make her world as easy to live in as everyone elses.

daddyMichael (Operations) is the best dad anyone could ever ask for. He is always happy and playful and a loving father and husband. As a pilot, Michael flies corporate aircraft for a wonderful company. After flying a full schedule he still walks in the door with a smile on his face wanting to know what he can do to relieve our struggles for the day. He is our professional "go-to-guy" & he is Faith's favorite person to see and she is so proud of her Daddy!

grandpaBob (Grandpa the Graphic Artist) has been drawing caricatures of our family for years. He has captured Faith perfectly and we have incorporated his original art as our LOGO. Thank YOU Grandpa.

 Special Thanks to all our family and friends! Special Thanks to Faith's one and  only Grandma for teaching everyone how wonderful a MOM/Grandma should  be.





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